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Nobles Makes a Statement
Dedham, Mass. -- #1-ranked Nobles made a major season-opening statement by thumping #5-ranked New Hampton, 6-1, in a battle of the last two NEPSAC girls’ hockey champions Wednesday. ... read more

USHR's Div. I Pre-Season Poll
USHR's pre-season poll for New England girls Div. I hockey. ... read more

Girls' Prep Composite Schedule, Week of Nov. 26, 2018
New England Girls' Prep Composite Schedule for the Week of Nov. 26, 2018 ... read more

USHR's Div. II Preview
A preview of New England Div. II Girls Prep Hockey for the 2018-19 season. ... read more

Happy Thanksgiving!
It's that time of year, when hope for the coming season abounds. Before we know it, the thrill of December will fade and the freeze of deep winter will seep into our bones and our collective consciousness and 'the grind' will strike a note of reality. ... read more

Girls' Prep Composite, Week of Nov. 19, 2018
New England Girls Hockey Prep Composite, Week of Nov. 19, 2018 ... read more

USHR 2018-2019 Division I Season Preview
2018-19 Pre-season preview of New England Girls' prep hockey. ... read more

Welcome to 2018-19!
Welcome to 2018-19! The 2018-19 Girls’ Prep Pages are now officially open. ... read more