Sunday January 22, 2023
at Washington, CT

The Hill School 5, Frederick Gunn School 1

Teams ScoringPenaltiesTeam Record*
The Hill School 0 2 3 = 50-0 9-7-1
Frederick Gunn School 0 0 1 = 10-0 4-8-2
HillCharlie Rauch (Sarah Anthony) 5X4 12:24
HillSydney Saracene (Charlie Rauch, Nina McKenna) 14:21
HillKatie Torr (Charlie Rauch, Sasha Goldberg) 5:23
HillColette Zidek (Charlie Rauch, Giavanna Mancy) 9:34
HillCharlie Rauch 15:24
Scoring Totals
Frederick Gunn SchoolThe Hill School
Charlie Rauch235
Sydney Saracene101
Katie Torr101
Colette Zidek101
Giavanna Mancy011
Sasha Goldberg011
Sarah Anthony011
Nina McKenna011
* Team record is based on submitted game results as of 01/22/2023. Scrimmages are not included in displayed team record.

(Team record only includes NEPSGIHA results as this is an RPI eligible game).